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Planning for the Next Generation

In 2017 we launched BLUEPRINT to make financial planning affordable and accessible to the next generation of young professionals. By taking what we have learned in our 35 years in business and creating a turnkey process by which to serve the unique needs of the next generation, we aim to provide the same quality of planning services that have come to define CP in a way that’s designed with them in mind.

Become a Client
First, we learn about you and the things that are important to you. We’ll guide you through a series of interactive exercises that provide valuable education and gather basic financial data from you to provide you with immediate feedback about where you are today.

Get Organized
Next, through our innovative client website, we help you organize a current view of your complete financial picture that will be at the forefront of our planning efforts.

Because life events happen, we believe it makes sense to put protection ahead of other priorities. Together, we’ll work to discover your real economic value and design a strategy to protect it.

Our rules-based planning methods focus on improvements to your cash flow that make it easy to save towards your long-term goals, increase your efforts over time and reduce your debt.

We’ll present you with a written action plan and checklist that highlights the next steps to take to implement your strategy.

Implement & Monitor
We’ll help you check each item off the list and will monitor your progress periodically to help make sure you’re staying on track as life happens. We’re only a phone call or email away if you have questions.