Michael Watts

Financial Advisor
Office Location:
233 North Main Street
Suite 202
Greenville, SC 29601

Michael H. Watts was born in Taylorsville, North Carolina and grew up in Asheville. In 1973, he graduated from Mars Hill College with a degree in Business Administration. Moving to Greenville, South Carolina in October of 1973, he went to work for Reed and Associates immediately entering the world of financial services.
The year 1987 presented Michael with a new life with his lovely wife, Sally Wise, and a new position with Consolidated Planning, Inc. where has earned the title of Senior Vice President. In 2016, Michael and long-time associate Frances Simon combined their offices in a new location in the Wells Fargo building in the heart of downtown Greenville.

Michael takes pride in the fact that through his many years of experience he has developed the knowledge to look at a situation and be able to see what needs to be done. He and his team at The PSGroup handle each intricate part and steps in the financial planning process for business owners and executives. They approach each client with honesty and creativity establishing a lasting relationship built on trust, service and a clear vision of what the future holds. Michael also coaches future entrepreneurs strengthening their business acumen.

The PSGroup’s philosophy is simple explained by their tagline Designs for Wealth – Plans for Life. Their goal is to have the proper team to get the job done right and to be there to support clients and deliver to them impeccable service.

Registered Representative and Financial Advisor of Park Avenue Securities