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Intentionally Discounting The Value Of Your Business Or Estate

March 26, 2024

Deliberately lowering the value of your business might sound counterproductive. However, for the purposes of estate planning, business planning, or […]

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Estate Tax Exemption Sunsetting After 2025: How It Affects Your Business

March 22, 2024

One of the biggest factors in planning for your business is around taxes – paying them, mitigating them, maximizing your […]

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What Happens To The Shares Of Your Business At Death?

February 23, 2024

We often spend so much time building and growing our businesses that we forget to plan for the unexpected.  And […]

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Building Your Business: 15 Rules To Follow For Successful Business Owners 

February 16, 2024

Building a business is perhaps the most difficult yet rewarding process you can go through.  That’s because so much goes […]

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Potential Blind Spots When Preparing To Sell Your Business

January 19, 2024

Warning…there are many blind spots lurking beneath the surface that might impede a seamless sales process for you.

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5 Drivers That Determine What Your Business Is Worth 

January 4, 2024

Understanding the true value of your business is crucial for making informed decisions.  Selling your business? Yes. 

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