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Be Prepared


Be Prepared

Wednesday, December 02, 2020

11:00a - 12:00p EST


What's the safest type of car in the world? The first response is to name a tried and true family sedan like a Volvo - a car that has a track record of safety but isn't considered to be a high-performance vehicle. In reality, the safest type of car in the world is actually a race car. It's the fact that race cars are so safe that permits them to achieve such high performance relative to the typical vehicle. Protection enables performance. In this session, hear from Consolidated Planning's Neal C. Brincefield, RICP®, CLU®, ChFC®, CExP™ about several practical ways you can structure your financial situation to be prepared for the unexpected worst-case scenario moments that life can throw our way - and just as importantly, how some of those same best practices also happen to put you in a better position when everything is going well financially. Specifically, this session will address having financial safety mechanisms in place that can better prepare you for unexpected events like a job loss, economic downturn, illness/injury, or market volatility - all without compromising overall performance.
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