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Consolidated Planning, Inc.


We've been a leader in the strategic planning space since 1981, developing a number of specialized planning processes that put client and strategy first, and products second. That decades long journey has taught us many lessons that our advisors now bring to bear for the benefit of our clients.

A Track Record of Success - Founded with 4 advisors in 1981, CP has now grown to over 110 advisors in over 12 locations managing over $1.4 Billion in Assets and over $6.5 Billion in Insurance Protection.

Strategy Before Product - The financial services industry is increasingly commoditized and products are obtainable anywhere. We provide real value to our clients by being process-first and delivering a financial strategy that is built by financial products, not the other way around.

Size Fosters Innovation - As one of the largest planning firms in the Southeast, our clients have benefited from the fact our team-based approach fosters incredible innovation and creativity when it comes to solving complex planning problems. Having sheer numbers of so many capable advisors working in concert has also fostered this innovation - because of our scale we've had a great number of minds collaborating rather than working in silos.

3 Distinct Planning Processes

Over the years, we've seen quite clearly that 3 (and even 4) predominant and different themes of planning have emerged for our base of clients. Responding to that call, we have refined distinct planning processes to address those themes, each of which is flexible enough to meet the client's unique situation. 

  1. Personal Planning Process
      • Accumulation Planning
      • Distribution Planning
  2. Retirement Income Planning Process
  3. Business Owner Planning Process